About this blog

‘Four and twenty million doors’ is a song lyric from Oasis’s The Masterplan.

There are moments in life when encounters happen and they fleetingly open up your heart to the idea that maybe there is something deeper in the universe than we care to think about. Every now and then the feeling touches you, then disappears as we get scooped back up into the material grittiness of life. There’s a word given to these moments – Serendipity – when something you were looking for brings you to something else fortuitous by accident. I always like to document these moments when they happen to me; they remind me that the world can be beautiful.

This site is a series of blogs, interviews, articles and podcasts on the themes of people, storytelling, serendipity, adventure and co-incidence. It’s part of my Write Your Own Path project, where I experiment with a series of paths and adventures to see where they lead.

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